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The Waelor are the once-followers of Isith before the First Total War. They resided in The Jewell for millennia before that. When The Jewell fell to human forces, they left on an exodus with Fafnir, the legendary Dragon God. It is unclear why they began the change that made them start becoming so draconic, but it is likely due to breeding with dragons in their homeland. The Waelor now are of many varying appearances, from that of a fair human with horns and a tail, to almost completely reptillian.

Waelor born in a shell, like a dragon would be, are less reptillian in appearance than their bretheren who are “live-born” because of the period of gestation that makes them develop more human features. Human-like Waelor stand at similar height to humans. Draconian Waelor stand 6 to 7 feet in height on average and weigh considerably more. They have a lifespan of around 400 years.

Waelor take to the sorceric arts and their bloodlines very easily. They are isolationists by nature and are typically xenophobic. Nations that know of their existence tend to avoid the waters around the island they inhabit to the north of Isaldor, as Waelor ships are known to attack outsiders, unprovoked. The problem is that these people are having a crisis of breeding, finding that fewer and fewer virile females are being born, making for a dwindling population. Waelor have begun showing up in temples across Isaldor, searching for ways to save their people from extinction.

Each Waelor character has to choose a dragon bloodline type, regardless of whether or not they are a sorceror. That becomes their permanent bloodline and no other bloodlines may be taken.

Waelor names use half the name of the father and half the name of the mother, or another family member, if the name is not feasible. So the son to Afeligres and Panellia might be Panegres or a daughter might be Afellia. The surnames never change, though, and they all sound like noun-adjective or noun-noun, like Stormfire or Swordeyes.

Waelor begin play speaking Common and Draconic, a high intelligence gives the choices of Aquan, Geodian, Infernal, Auran, and Gnome.

Waelor Stats:
Natural +2 Charisma, +2 to another mental stat
Live-born +2 Strength, +2 to another physical stat
+2 resistance to the element of bloodline type
+1 to damage with spells and magic weapons of their element type
40’ movement speed
1d4 natural claw attack

Weappn Proficiancies: All simple weapons, plus crossbows, longswords, greatswords, and glaives

-4 to Sense Motive
-2 to Linguistics
-2 to Disguise
-2 to knowledge local, nobility, geography, dungeoneering, and religions
-2 to resistance of opposing element type
-2 to saves vs. fear

Favored Classes
Cleric: Add 1 extra die to Channel Positive Energy when used against enemies
Paladin: Adds 1d6 elemental damage to smite evil and Channel Positive against enemies
Sorceror: Draconic bloodline only! +1 spell of 1st level and +1 to spell damage of elemental type in addition to normal bonuses.
Bard: Gains a +1 damage die of the sonic and fire type bard spells.
Dragon Disciple: Gain all breath attack increases at one less level.

Savior of Wael


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