Terappi 5e Variant

The terappi are an ancient race that dates back to the first mortal children of Isith, the dragons. These charonian people were the product of polymorphed Turtle-dragons who bred with other reptillian mortals. They stand between 5 and 6 feet tall and have a very distinguished turtle-like appearance, including a shell and plastron.

Terappi have the longest lifespans of any mortal (up to 2,000 years!) and are rarely known to breed often, but when they do they have clutches of 10-20 young. Terappi have villages on the southern coast of Isaldor, but no main settlements on the land. They do have an aquatic city somewhere, thoiugh. They are rarely seen moving around on their own, as they are slow and encumbered by a massive shell on land. In the water, they are natural swimmers and are much more graceful. They never sleep, but they still require 8 hours of trance-like rest each day (like elves, but longer).

Some of the advantages terappi have over other races is their incredible defense. Not only do they have hard shells, but bits of shell on their elbows, head, and knees withdraw with them into their shell, providing them a very complete and incredible temporary defense against attacks. They are renowned to be an incredibly wise and a hardy people.

Terappi names:
Male: Argow, Ghamoo, Kazzug, Lenk, Ponnui, Yogdan
Female: Alei, Ghamera, Kanni, Litrae, Paani, Yisha

Terappi Racial Traits
+2 Constitution, +2 Wisdom, -2 Dexterity

Size Medium, 5’-6’ tall

Languages Common, Aquan, Draconic

Movement 20’ movement speed and is not encumbered by armor
Breathes water and has a 40’ swim speed,
Immune to Poison,
Natural 1d6 bite attack, and is immune to sneak attack damage.

Shell and Plastron +2 Natural AC
+1 cumulative natural AC bonus at levels 5/9/13 as shell hardens

Withdraw Increases AC by 1/4, but user counts as flat-footed and drops all held items and weapons. Can be done once per rest.

Detriments: (Where do I begin? You’re a turtle)

What the shell? Cannot wear armor without modifications to make it suitable for Terappi. This doubles the materials cost of making armor

Too-Challenging of a Technique -2 to hit with two-handed weapons

If I had a Tail -2 to initiative bonus to a minimum of 0

Going Turtle -4 on checks to stand up while in combat

Sub-races of Terappi

Snapper +2 to a physical stat. -2 Charisma. +4 to intimidate. No initiative penalty. 30’ land speed. Spiked Shell: with any armor, the Snapper is always considered to be wearing spiked armor.

Pearl-shell +2 Charisma. +2 to save dc against ray attacks. +4 to dexterity saves for avoiding aoe and splash damage

Softshell No Dex Penalty. No Wisdom Bonus. No penalty ton use two-handed weapons. No initiative penalty. 30’ land speed. +1 attack with reach weapons.

Terappi 5e Variant

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