Recent Cult Activity in Isaldor

Black Hand
A militant group of monks who have fallen from Imperial favor, they are an apocalyptic cult following Hel. The group is a catch-all for eugenicists who believe that the gods of darkness are punishing mortals for allowing Archons and Waleor, the divine-blooded races, to continue to live, presenting the possibility of other gods of light arising from the bloodlines to threaten them. Such devotion, born of hatred and fear, has made them a formidable faction that threatens the stability of the lands of Isaldor.

Cult of Discord: The Unliving
Presumed to be the daughter of Hel and Za’Aran, she is actually the daughter of Odamemuron and a handmaiden of Hel. She is also called the Shaka Hariim. She answers human sacrifice with blessings of bounty. In return, she gains undead followers. This cult seems to be isolated to the lands of Old Shakaar, the Shakraan Desert.

Cult of Feydan: The Dreamer
Formerly the King of the Fey, he is not a true god. He grants children who wander into his realm of the wilds immortality, so that they may play forever. When he tires of them, he lets them grow up, slowly. They are then sent out to lure children in to the realm of Feydan.

Black Bloods
A cult of followers of Hel who seek to become or are vampires. It’s pretty much a religion based around the vampire coven. Their servants are magical aberrations, ghouls and dopplegangers, all cursed with the black blood that marks them as thralls of vampires.

Presumed Dead Cults

The Bloody Palms
A secret society bent on eliminating the temples from human lands, thereby separating humanity from any divine guidance or protection. Their clerics have spiked gauntlets and the ability to disease other clerics with the inability to cast divine spells.

Cult of the Nightfather
Secret society of assassins from the land of Wei. Yes, they are ninjas, essentially. They follow a ninja code and have a myriad of rules. They operate mostly like a guild, though. Their leader is known as “The Nightfather,” which title has changed hands several times and may currently even be multiple people.

The Unseen
Followers of a very powerful beholder. They remove their eyes and accept beholder magic, making them invisible and still capable of sensing as though they could see. They believe they should hide from the gods to keep them from interfering and “messing things up.”

Recent Cult Activity in Isaldor

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