Human-led Social Groups

Powerful Religious and Secular Groups

Order of Paladins
A group of religious zealots dedicated to Valorium, they are supported by the noble communities and churches of many peoples, but humans make up the majority of their order. Landed men and second sons of rulers seeking titles will join the Paladins in order to prove their worth and merit The Paladins, because of their positive influence, are considered the gateway to knighthood and becoming a rising star of the feudal world.

Knights of the Holy Flame
Their symbol is a silver flaming pyre. They are actually another Paladic order. They worship the gods of law and goodness in general, favoring none. Their founder was Eregyr, the real person who was a warrior king that brought peace to the human lands after first trying to unite them through conquest. Knights of the Holy Flame are noted for their diplomatic ways and wise counsel. The purpose of the Knights of Holy Flame is to smite evil wherever it may reside. They are especially focused on eradicating the undead and unholy creatures from Isaldor.

The Rangers
A society of woodsmen and women who protect travelers in wild places. They are known for leading caravans into the Frontier lands to settle, then returning for other groups. Their skill at survival alone and in groups makes them ideal for this kind of work. They are generally secular and receive tribute from various settlements who have become successful.

The Legionaires
When men are convicted of heinous crimes and a Legion Recruiter is around, often the typical sentencing is suspended in favor of sending them to the Frontier, far from any normal settlement. There, they train with weapons to defend against the legions of orcish or goblinoid armies that often go raiding in the settlements. Legionaires are branded with their symbol of service, which is unique. It is of a flower called the black Iris. Legionaires found in civilized lands without Recruiter status or papers are considered outlaws and are executed for desertion.

A sect of stoic cleric and monk spies who seek to eliminate religions, the Harbingers are some of the most hunted individuals. Their purpose is to make all of the peoples of Isaldor less dependent on the Gods. They are notable by their refusal to use divine magic. Many are even arcane scholars who seek for spells to help people. They are not evil as a group, but many of these individuals subvert good efforts by religious groups as a form of protest.

Society of Free Folk
These are a group supporting the overthrow of feudalism. The not-so-obvious motive of this group of Imperials is racism against Archons.

A very extensively large women’s group of midwives who are dedicated to delivering healthy children at any cost. They serve life and have been known to be anything from druids to witches (warlocks). They are sometimes targeted by inquisitions because of stories of evil, self-serving witches in their ranks who deal in favors and hexes.

Masked Vigilants
A group of mourners who worship Sera and are dedicated to the service of the dead. Noted by the presence of a tin sorrowful mask, the Vigiliants are easy to spot. Not only responsible for funeral services, they also gather after scenes of battle to help bury and mark graves. It is said that Vigilants know the names of all people who have passed. Because of their important voluntary service, no one argues their place in society. They are almost always given a wide berth and respect.

The Guild of Shadows
A group dedicated to controlling the underworld, this mafia-esque group tolerates no interference, especially by law-enforcement. They claim to serve society by making sure that all illegal capitalist activities are controlled by them and are not incursions by outside interests, like invading nations. Their leader is called The Adder.

Human-led Social Groups

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