Forbidden Pantheon of Isaldor

The forbidden pantheon is one which only immortal beings, heretic scholars, or practically immortal beings (specifically dragons) are aware of. These are also known by the Avarxi as the Dragon Gods. Clerics of these orders are hunted everywhere because of the idea that their prophecies will bring about the Final War of the Gods.

Isith: The Mother
She is the goddess of all creation because in reality, it was she who brought the first four gods into existence. She wished them into reality, each with their flaws and personalities. They turned on her and tried to imprison her and make her make them whole. She escaped and has not returned since, though there are tales of lesser gods encountering her. Her form is that of a great dragon, larger in size than the world of Kohr itself. She was created at the beginning of the universe. Her children are or were legendary Dragon Gods. Many are dead due to the First Total War, but two remain who escaped that conflict.

Fafnir: The Exodus
He and his followers left The Jewell City, the place of unity of the peoples of Isaldor, after he fought with his sibling, Isengara. He lost his wings and is cursed not to re-grow them until he finds a way to return, with Isith, to the The Jewell City. He is the patron deity of the metallic dragons. His holy symbol is a flaming heart. His clerics wield morningstars.

Isengara: The Exile
She and her followers were beaten back by Fafnir, her sibling. She is sworn to never return to the Jewell until she can bow before her mother and apologize for betraying her to the other gods. She is the patron of the chromatic dragons and has no forearms, which she lost in the fight with Fafnir. She is known to dwell beyond the Everwinter Glacier, a construct of glacial ice thought to have been placed there by her as a barrier to the rest of the world. Her clerics are typically branded terrorists for destroying temples of any and all gods, believing that anyone not willing to humble the gods to fulfill their god’s purpose, as enemies and infidels. These clerics carry pendants shaped like icicles and wield shortswords.

Forbidden Pantheon of Isaldor

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