There are only two races of dwarf in my setting. There are no deurgar, here. This is not Forgotten Realms. The term dwarf does not mean dwarf-human. It means dwarf-giant. This is why dwarves actually aren’t of a small size category. They are just a little shorter than average humans and are very stocky. The two ethnicities of dwarf are Stone Dwarves and Storm Dwarves. If you are a warrior with a penchant for ale and good stories, you are probably a Stone Dwarf. You live in one of the bustling mountain cities. If you are a magic-using dwarf, be it a cleric or rune master then there is a good chance you are a Storm Dwarf. They live in mountain-side villages near the Stone Dwarf cities.

Stone Dwarves are the Tolkenian variant of dwarves. They are extremely industrious and very beardy. They distrust magic users and elves and excel in martial combat. They make excellent warriors and engineers. Their hair colors are natural and their beards are magnificent (and necessary). They are the “Mountain Dwarves” in the Player’s handbook.

Storm Dwarves, also called Ancestor Dwarves, are almost indistinguishable from Stone Dwarves but for their white hair. It is said to be a gift from Wotan, their patron god. They are just as hearty as their cousins, the stone dwarves, but they also have a deeper connection with the divine earthen and air magics of their ancestors, gaining a +2 to their Wisdom score. A Storm Dwarf, if they are a divine caster with a domain, must choose from the Tempest or War domains in order to receive their Divine Calling, which grants them the ability to Channel Divinity one extra time between rests. If a Storm Dwarf uses arcane magic instead, they receive a +2 to their attack and spell save DC when using spells with an electric or earthen effect. If you are a rune-master, you can place any rune an additional 5’ away and the duration of the rune is increased by a factor of one.

The reality is likely that there is little difference in the tribes of dwarf, but the white hair thing makes a dwarf feel better about using magic, be it divine, arcane, or runic. A dwarf of mixed birth of both of the tribes makes a great alchemist. Those of mixed heritage do not have storm dwarf racial stats, though. They have stone dwarf racial stats.


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