Character Building

We roll stats, here. Stat rolling, you have to do in front of me, be it in person, or over Skype, or something. The rules are 4d6, keep the 3 highest, re-roll ones, once. Do this for all 6 stats. If still, your total doesn’t end up being acceptable to you, you can let me roll you a set of stats the same way, only regardless of what you had before, you have to keep mine. Seems fair, right? I scale encounters to how bad-ass the party is, and trust me… I know what I’m doing.

When we roll HP, I give you max HP at level one, but we roll the levels after that “Monty Hall” method. That’s where both of us roll the same designation dice, but I keep mine hidden. You tell me whether you want to keep your roll, or take a chance on my roll. It gives you better odds of better HP, plus makes it more fair.

I also do other stat variations in my setting based on some experimental stat conversions. I left that in the GM Only section of this article that will be hidden to players.

I recommend choosing a Background and an Occupation. This is me letting you pick some traits to help round your character a little and give some fluff. It also lets a fighter have perception as a class skill, which is kind of important, right? Overall, it helps us to understand who you are and what to expect. It will also give you better ideas of how to play your own character, instead of just being… well, flat.

Here’s an example of a personality profile of a character I once built for play…

Eregyr Voltaire is a champion fisherman and a semi-retired adventurer. He travels the land looking for tournaments to compete in. Unfortunately, social unrest in most of his good fishing spots makes for difficult fishing conditions. When things get rough or when he isn’t winning much, he hires out as a strong arm for magistrates and merchants alike. His goddess is Belefas, the Ocean-tamer. He prays to her in order to ensure a productive and safe day of fishing.

You see, he’s Lawful Neutral. I had to think of why he is generally more concerned with following the rules than with “rightness.” I’ve successfully fleshed-out his personality, giving you a reference to work with. See how that works?

Enjoy building your first character in one of my campaign settings. I’m positive that when you do this once, you will forever prefer my method of character building to the unbalanced mess that is the base and prestige class setup of the PFSRD and core rule book.

Character Building

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