Bedlam (Lillidranith)

Bedlam sounds like such a harsh name for such a lovely elfin city, but there is history behind that name. The elves here that call it home carry the human name for the city with pride, though some do not even know much of the history behind it.

The city now stands, with still having those high red brass walls and their towers and pinnacle ramparts, on the side facing out of the mountain pass, away from the Elfin Highlands, out to the rest of the world. A series of portcullises ascend back into the deep walls, twisting and turning past murder holes and odd-looking pipes.

The city is built in three tiers of elevation. The main foray rests upon the floor of the mountain pass. Circular roads arc and twist towards the rear gates. Narrow alleys branch off into other roads headed deeper into town, to the slopes beneath the cliff homes of the nobility. The palace keep is three stories tall, but with three conical spires rising in the center. This can be seen from nearly any street in Bedlam.

Beneath the high cliff homes are tunnels leading down into the rock, each baring the crest of some elfin noble family. Though the mines connected to those tunnels was now shared by them all, the crests are still there to represent the families that are invested in the mines.

The city does not so much bustle, as it seems to hiss and hum a thrumming of gears and pistons. Steam engines work conveyors and mechanical sluices, hauling rock up out of the mines. Sooty quarry-men with picks, hammers, and pneumatic devices break rocks.

Bedlam (Lillidranith)

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