The Jewell of Shakaar

Geta is one of the four Free Cities of the Jewel, a region of the Shakaar desert that
is actually a huge oasis. Limestone steppes rise high out of the sand, tiny hills that seem tall compared to the flat desert karst that surround it. Cold, pristine springs feed reservoirs, wells, and aqueducts in the cities. Water is precious to the people who use the city as the last bastion of life in the caravan routs to the southern lands.

Geta itself is the center of trade with its immense and famed Bazaar. The goods and services traded here are unique in their amazing variety, as well as abundance. People bring things here that they consider rare. The currency of the Free Cities of Shakaar are varied. Coin is not all treated equally, but is traded by weight at the stalls of the moneylenders. Some merchants will not take coin, but instead trade in goods, whose value they know more than the values of the currency of other lands. Gems and jewels are seen as often, trading hands, as coinage.

The current climate of the Free Cities is one of minor conflicts and petty disputes. Rich merchants vie for supremacy in a city that values trade over title. Even the Palace District
is more well known for its magnificent Golden Bank, then the actual Ducal Palace that pales in grandeur.

The middle-class now live in sprawling suburbs outside the walls of the city. Their old apartments in the city have been converted into offices and factories, where both the middle and lower class work.

The city has many amenities granted it by the fact that it is built on the remains of a long-dead city that was buried beneath the sand long before the new wells were dug and the
city walls were rebuilt. The civilization then was much greater and the four cities had actually been one burgeoning metropolis without walls or wars. The stories of how that empire, the first empire of humans, ended are as numerous as they are ancient. Now all that remains are vast, sprawling caverns and a maddeningly complex undercroft that spans the width of the former empire. Adventurers come from lands far away to seek riches and glory in those depths. Unfortunately for most who have heard the stories, adventuring in those dungeons is illegal without special permit by the Guild Union. The reason for this was mostly due to the fact that adventurers had a tendency to awaken unimaginable evils… directly under the city. Currently, though, the permits have begun flowing from the Office of Mercenary Affairs for reasons you may not know.

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The Jewell of Shakaar

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