The Human Civil War

In this setting, the Human Civil war began thirty three years ago when the despotic Baron, Krodon Mendor, took over the southern Imperial district known as Brighthaven. He took over on the promise that Archon humans would no longer control the government and dictate the actions of Imperials. The first part of this hypocrisy is that Mendor himself is an Archon, but he hides it with propaganda. Also, he is a dictator.

In order to insert himself into a position of power, he used his wealth and friends to have the King of Brighthaven, Adel Drakkin, and all of his feudal lords, assassinated. This slaughter went beyond just the rulers themselves and extended to their family, going after the feudal “right to rule” of southern nobility.

The northern imperial district is known as Valoria. The Imperial king here is known as Uther Tenebre, or “Uther, the Black.” He, an imperial, has no heirs and no family because of assassinations by the south, as well as the Plague, which swept through Valoria a decade ago. He took in Adel’s youngest son, Ardic, and raised him as one would a good king, to take back the south from Krodon Mendor. The young Archon is still considered a King, and has been recently declared the heir to Uther.

Meanwhile, in Brighthaven, Mendor started changing the names of everything to his own. District of Brighthaven is now called Mendoria. He recently renamed the whole southern delta, Krodonia. He has no heirs, but rules in a militaristic fashion, appointing generals into positions of power and calling them barons, in honor of his previous title.

When Ardic pushed his Valorian armies into Mendoria, he was thoroughly routed and forced back to the north so hard that Valoria, except for the capitol, was taken. In this push, the Mendorians marched also on elfin and dwarven towns in the Achon plains, even attempting siege on the elfin trade city called Lillidranith, now simply called “Bedlam” because of the devastation that was caused there when the elves retaliated. When the dwarven kingdom joined the fight to retake their own towns, they set up rallying points for the fleeing Archons.

For the first time in the history of Isaldor, Men, dwarves, and Elves have an alliance. Loose though the alliance might be, they have built a cooperative military out of it, called the Highguard. Its headquarters is a fortress recently built on a strategic lakeside point of the convergence of the rivers that lead to the southern lands. It is called Highguardia. North of there is one of the largest cities on the plain of Achon, called Apselinia. That is where the leaders of commerce and peace between the three nations hold court, whereas Highguardia is just where the military action is controlled from.

The northernmost towns of Mendoria are part of an area once called the Ten Towns. Seven of those ten towns are Mendorian-controlled. The northern three, controlled by Valoria, are above the largest three, named Hart, Nest, and Eyria. Locals call it Nestaheyr. These make-up a suburban sprawl with a norhtern-facing wall that stretches almost completely across the gap between the Crescent Divide mountains and the Vianetian Alps. The gap between the wall and the Vianetian Alps has a wide portion of river going through it. It is called “The Gap.” This is where most of the frontline battle between the Mendorians and Highguard happens. The Highguard won’t let the south finish construction of the wall, or it will threaten to forever end any hope of winning the war and taking back the south.

The Human Civil War

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