Orcs, though they have been associated with the lands of goblins, are not goblinoid. They are something completely different. Orcs were once one of the elfin tribes, probably drow, who left during the early portion of elfin settlement. Orcs openly worship Chag, the spiteful god of war and retribution. In their worship, they practice scarification, marring their skin to make themselves appear stronger and more terrifying.

Orcs, because of their brutality, have lost much of what they once were as elfin. Now, they are incredibly strong, with superior physical prowess, yet they lack much in mental acuity. They have a very tribal and ritualistic society, preferring the seclusion of their wilderness outpost villages to the collective clamor of city life. This is likely due to their mistrust of others, including each other. The infighting of the orcs is one of the few things that protects the rest of Isaldor from their united ire.

Every now and then they will choose a king who is strong enough to gain their mutual respect and they will unite under him in a loose coalition that usually dissipates as soon as that leader dies. Their armies at that point, are vast. Their scope has so far been limited to the Frontier Lands because of the Legionaires, who have methods of dealing with kings that overstep themselves.

Orcs who desire to make a name for themselves will often journey alone into the lands of men, slipping past the Legionary front. Many of those see themselves as better than the simpletons whom they have lived with and seek glory. Orcs who are not of a completely evil bent often will seek mercenary service as a way to prove their prowess. Others will join bandit groups to terrorize unsuspecting caravans. Very few full-blooded orcs take upon themselves a complete civility.


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