Old Pantheon of Isaldor

Old Gods:

Astral: The Keeper
She is the Goddess of Balance and is noted as the discoverer of arcane magic, a power outside of the absolute control of any one of the Gods.

Vera: Mother Life
Goddess of all living things, she is the creator of mortal sentience.

Sith: The Reaper
God of Death and the Underworld. Associated with the nether, he is the God to whom all life inevitably goes. He is the one who decides the fate of immortal souls, but he does so fairly and very friendly.

Chag: The Dreadfather
God of envy, strife, avarice, and ugliness. Chag is often blamed as the reason why there is evil, though he himself is not evil. He is an advocate for the less-popular opinion. He points out weakness and exploits it.

Dead Gods:

Of Good: Odam, Rashur, Muron
Of the sons of Valorium, a “new” God, these were the first and also the first to die. They died in the War of the Gods, otherwise known as The First Total War, or the war which enveloped all of mortality, as well as the Gods themselves. Sith was alone in his kingdom of the dead and had no-one witty enough to converse with him until he cobbled together a single being from the physical remains of Odam and Muron. The “Frankenstein-like” creation he named Odamemuron, who was witty enough for his new “father.” He is the current God of Undeath and is the first and most powerful undead being.

Of Evil: Kazah, Dagus, Hedoratus, Gorak
All of these were sons of Chag, who had many children. All of them were imbued with some of his power. Hedoratus became a possessing spirit after his death by beating Sith at a game (prior to Odamemuron’s arrival). He desires to return to the mortal world from his plane of hell known as Abbadon. His creations and followers are daemons and devils.

Old Pantheon of Isaldor

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