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Legends of Isaldor
Isaldor is the largest continent on a world known as Kohr. Isaldor is not the only continent, but to the characters of a medieval RP, it is the entire known world. Everyone and everything will be set here, even if other continents are referenced. Those places are considered almost completely alien and the people who live there do not speak the common tongue of Isaldor. If someone is using the “Outlander” background for their D&D 5th Edition (5e) character, they may be from one of these places.

The characters you play in my campaign setting are “Legends.” You are building a story with your actions and words, the most noteworthy things being stolen to expand this little fantasy universe. As you play, you can actually have an affect on the world. In the long run, this is a “Kingmaker” campaign, if you know what that means. Regardless of if you do, just know that this world is an ever-developing thing and there is no pressure on you to build your character a specific way.

My setting has several campaigns. Each time I create a new one, I post it here at the bottom when I’m done. I will also expound on the world here as I go. You will see characters created with different roles and attributes. I mostly do this work between sessions and after the campaign is finished, to preserve it for posterity. Click on the red script to access the links to the various parts of this wiki.

Religion and The Gods
Religion has little to do with domains in my setting, so you aren’t restricted by what god you worship. Your religion is pretty much just fluff about your alignment and how you worship. In my setting, the gods actually live in the world and it is likely that in the course of an adventure, you may meet at least one of them. The backstory of every cleric becoming a cleric actually has to do with meeting their god or any experience involving coming face-to-face with the immortals, and what kind of an impact that had on them.

The Gods, Old and New
Recent Cult Activity in Isaldor

Building a Character
When building a character in my campaign, especially if this is your first real campaign, you may need these important guidelines. I also have this page on Class Building 101, which goes into greater detail about playing Pathfinder core classes and D&D 5e core classes. If you are here for the Pathfinder Stat Questionnaire, looking to play yourself, or host a Pathfinder game with players playing as their real-life selves, here’s the link.

Races and Cultures
Please read these before rolling your character. You will notice the distinct lack of Tieflings, Dragonborn, or Aasimar. Those races have been reworked for the purpose of this setting. There are more races, as you will see. This setting is an entirely new fantasy world with some very interesting peoples. They are all available for play. Some races will actually increase the difficulty of the game for you. I mention this in their description first, though.

The Society of Isaldor, Sciences, and Setting Information
Now we come to the point where I answer questions you may have about what kind of a fantasy this is. This is the “meat and potatoes” of the setting. If you’d rather learn this stuff in-game, that’s just fine. But this is here for when you want it.

Map of Isaldor
Sorry I haven’t filled out the names of all of the places on it, yet. You can see the symbols. Dots are villages. Squares and blobbies are towns and bigger towns. You will need to open the image in another window so that it isn’t all wonky and you’ll probably want to zoom in a bit.

Here are the completed modules for this campaign that I have made so far. Here is a list of campaigns that I have not started yet. These places are on the map already, though. You will notice only a short description for the campaigns. You see, this is the part where I use the wiki for it’s secret GM notes, where I put the actual campaign. Otherwise, it’s just a reminder of which campaign you currently are in.

Apsellinia (Levels 1-3)
This town is large and walled, but is no fortress. It is the trade center for the region. Elves, dwarves, and humans, both imperial and Archon, live here. Living there would be like living in a very early Medieval Paris. These people are like the Normans.

Bedlam (Levels 3-6)
Bedlam is the only homeland city of the elves that other races may freely visit. It is protected by high walls, to the side of the conflict lands where the human civilizations are struggling for control. It is the only elfin mining town and home to the Fire Elves.

The Jewell (Geta), and The Free Cities (Levels 3-6, 7-10)
Located at the edge of the Shakaar desert, Geta is a packed city with huge markets and bazaars. It is like ancient Cairo. The other free cities are like other middle-eastern and African places. Slavery is rampant, here, but banned in the rest of the civilized world.

Necropolis University of Magic (Levels 12-14)
This fortress town is the resting place of many heroes and nobles, consecrated and sealed by the many clerics, monks, and wizards that reside here. This resting site became a repository for magical books, to be protected. This library grew to become the world’s first University of Magic. It takes no part in world politics and is a haven for those seeking answers to the mysteries of magic, both personal and general studies.

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