Kobolds are the product of dragon blood being introduced into goblin genetic makeup. I really hope it has to do with the horrific genetic experimentation and not an actual union of dragon and goblinoid. That would be disturbing.

Anyways, kobold society is not friendly to outsiders. They can be manipulated into following, but they do not make very good companions. These small dragon-like people are not known for their intelligence or great strength. What they are known best for is their ability to conceal danger. They have been known to shelter chromatic dragons in the hopes that they may benefit from such a relationship, but they are usually just used by those superior intellects that oversee them.

Another concealment form that they use to excess is the ability to make traps. Since kobolds are not particularly skilled in combat, they devise extensive defenses that are almost always fatal and almost impossible to see until it is too late. If ever you find yourself in a kobold-infested area, don’t expect to continue on unless you have a veteran trap-springer with you who has dealt with kobolds before. If not… well then move slowly and keep those potions handy and your cleric awake.

Here’s the link ( http://www.d20pfsrd.com/races/other-races/featured-races/arg-kobold ).


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