Hobgoblins arose from goblins on their own. They seem to be the most advanced evolutionary step of such a violent race. They are organized and far less driven by whimsy. It is the stricture of military life that keeps them in line. Perhaps it is because of the success of goblins who have done well as guards that began this whole evolutionary selection, but hobgoblins are the pinnacle of their overall race.

The typical hobgoblin is the direct product of the society it is raised in. They are hazed and brainwashed into becoming ideal soldiers. They tolerate no weakness and see other races as only pawns to be used and disgarded. This includes the enslavement of other goblinoids, not to mention any of the other races.

Hobgoblins who are advanced enough to succeed in a military career have a cruel intellect. They exact the same cruelty to those under their command. Recruits that do not show complete obedience to their laws are usually killed. The fortunate part about hobgoblin society is that they seem to like the bounds of their nation, choosing to fight against enemies they know they can win against, like other goblinoids, rather than the mighty nations to the east and west of them.

Hobgoblins that escape are almost always fiercely independent by nature, steering as far from their training and brainwashing as possible. They tend to be chaotic in alignment and unconcerned with the necessity of government in general. Hobgoblins who stay with careers related to their requisite martial training are usually drawn to mercenary work. It is not uncommon to see one who has taken up the mantle of an adventurer.


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