History of Goblinkind:
The goblins have one of the most colorful histories in the realms. They are the proof that creations of the gods are not perfect. Goblins are were the first successful sentient creation by Vera. She designed them to be forever like little children, simple and sweet. When Vera formed them from clay, they were the envy of the other Gods. Every one of them wanted a creation better than this for themselves.

Astra tried several times, reaching not into clay, but into her own mind, and ended up with beings of pure intellect suspended in brilliant energy. These she called souls. Sith and Chag saw these new toys of their siblings and took them. Chag stole the goblins and twisted them into destructive creatures. Sith stole the souls and cast them into a separate plane of existence, where Astra wouldn’t find them. Chag flaunted his new toys in front of Vera who wept and vowed to make more beautiful things that he could not corrupt.

Astra called out to her first soul, from which she formed the other souls and it responded. She waited until Sith was asleep, then reached into the nether plane and pulled it out. It immediately began to die, being separated from Sith, who had made himself its new master. So she took it and thrust it into a goblin. So the first immortal soul was bound to the first mortal coil.

The gods saw this new life and it behaved as sweet as it did before. Other souls began to leave the domain of Sith on their own, seeking freedom by binding themselves to bodies. And before every soul could find its way to a goblin, Sith awoke. He closed up the gap that Astral tore in his plane and sealed it with a mirror that reflected life and accepted only dead things, ensuring that his sister could not pass through.

There were many goblins that did not receive souls and Chag kept them. There were many who did, and Astral kept those. She took them with her into her realm, vowing that she would someday find a way to free her souls from Sith’s mirror portal. Until then, the goblins that live in the mortal world are soulless and destructive. They cannot be fully resurrected because of the lack of a soul and any attempt to do so will result in either failure, or a necromantic creation.

Goblin Society
Goblin lives are short and brutal. Goblins mimic society by taking on many of its successful methods and applying them in their own twisted way to their own society. Their mimicry of government seems to have kings and leaders, but they constantly destroy and supplant these rulers at a whim.

Some goblins have adapted to life away from their social groups. They usually end up as lackeys of other, more powerful beings. They are not very effective at this and seem to be only good for cannon fodder. Because of the rapid breeding rate of goblins, they seem to make up for their losses faster than they can be killed.

After more gods were born and many more sentient races were created, the newcomers had to fight the innumerable goblins out of their land in order to gain a foothold of civilization. Many attempts to exterminate the goblins have been fruitless, as they are very good at surviving, even in the worst of conditions. It was these traits that first attracted southern wizards to use them as guards for their magical domains. Experimentation on goblins became a common practice.

By experimenting with modifying intelligence and regenerative properties, the first trolls were created. By experimenting with size and strength, the first ogres were created. Most of goblinkind has been experimented on like this and it is unclear who exactly the proponent of these developments was, but they did not do so without catching the ire of the gods.

Modern Goblins
One aspect of goblins that has made them so successful is their ability to seek and carve out caves to live in. It is because of this that goblins seem to arise everywhere in Isaldor. They are concentrated in greater numbers in the Frontier Lands, but that is only because there is more open area in which for them to populate.

Goblins have an omnivore diet that would choke a goat. They can eat nearly anything with nutrition, including mummified remains, peat, insects, wild mushrooms, wood pulp, and even cave slime. They are completely immune to many poisons for the same reason cockroaches are. The survivors breed.

Goblins have varying shapes and sizes, but most are fairly small and none are pretty. They tend to have several rows of jagged teeth, stone-age weapons (unless they scavenge better ones) and they dress in rags… more out of habit than for protection. Their language is like undercommon, but includes a series of growls, grunts, and barks that they have picked up from other goblinoids, as well as twisted words from other languages. The most prevalent one they pick up from is orcish, but hobgoblins still seem to maintain the current prevailing dialect.


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