I don’t follow the whole “my elves are better than yours” trope. No. Elves are elves. They are so prejudiced that they stick to pretty much only this layout. They are just like this ( http://www.d20pfsrd.com/races/core-races/elf ). Their various subgroups are only aids in describing their ethnic profile.

High Elves are the magic-savvy elves. Every High Elf is proficient with magic. If you are playing a en elf wizard, there’s a good chance it’s a High Elf. They live in spindly towers made of magically carved wood with filigrees inside of filigrees sort of artwork. They are the tall elves, taller than humans and nearly all other civilized beings. Their particularly sharp, almost alien, features and brightly-colored silk clothes make them stand out among their other elfin kin. Their natural hair color is natural, but they are known to dye their hair unusual colors.

Wood Elves are the tree-hugging hippie elves. They live in the great Elfin Highlands and are more numerous than their High-Elfin cousins. They forage among the treetops of massive oaks. If you are the acrobatic, dextrous sort of elf with a penchant for talking to fuzzy forest friends, you are this kind of elf. Your hair is a natural color, usually brown or blonde, and your eyes are bright green.

Fire Elves are craftsmen elves. They spend their entire, incredibly long and boring, lives honing their skills. If you are the alchemist elf, or just the guy who crafts swords that look like blades of grass, this is you. Their hair is red, hence the name. Also, Fire Elves tend to seek solace in the complexity of their religious lives. So… clerics.

Moraelfs are the outcast elves, separated from their own kind by breeding outside of their own race, moraelfs are actualy the half-elves. They usually stick to the roads and end up as traders and rovers. Many end up as bards or thieves. They have all the same bonuses as other elves, but live half as long. If you are the sneaky elf who has a bone to pick with society, this is you.


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